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  • 150+ Products: 100% Availability & Latest Molecules
  • Reasonable Prices & Good Schemes
  • Product Marketing Videos & Personal Training
  • Quick 24 Hour Dispatch & Fresh Stock
  • Well Researched Promotional Material - FREE

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We make efforts to train you and make you successful because:

In Your Success Lies Our Success:

We do everything to make YOU grow:

  • Launch new Products as per YOUR Feedback,
  • Give product training,
  • Better promotional videos,
  • One on one marketing strategy training,
  • Explain how to grow your business, how to deal with doctors,distributors and chemists

These will help you grow and thus make our repeat orders grow.


We at Novus understand how difficult it is to get your doctor to start prescribing your brand. Going out of stock means loss of trust, money and entry into that doctors cabin again. It is pure suicide of your business.

At Novus, we Guarantee 95% stock availability at any time. And maximum 7-10 days for the unavailable products to come back in stock. We are able to do this because we keep extra stock of 3-4 months in our warehouse so that your investment in marketing is protected.

Imagine if you do not have to wait for 15 days for your goods to arrive and keep following up with the staff on availability. That will save so much time and effort which you could spend on your core strength ie MARKETING!


Once a product fails in quality, the doctor will never be able to trust the company. Plus product recalls cause huge time and money losses.

Our 41 years of experience in marketing ensures that the best ingredients and processes are used to manufacture your product. Our team of experienced and qualified chemists is committed to give the best results in all our formulations. Be "Tension Free" in terms of Quality of Products that you are marketing.

Imagine how it would be to have full confidence in your product quality before entering the doctor’s cabin. How much better you will be able to market that product and sell to the doctor.


  • We help you chose your product basket which will give you the best margins in your market.
  • Business Strategy explanation on Distributor appointing and collection from Chemists.
  • Our team will teach you how to calculate your expenses so that you understand how to Calculate your Profit.

Companies we have manufactured for:

  • Product explanation videos, extra promotional material & study material to present in front of Doctors.
  • Registered Trademark Brand Names, Easy to Remember and Recall Brand Names.
  • Soft Copy of Visual Aids available to do presentation in front of Doctors on Tablet or Laptop.
  • Latest Metallic Cartons, Drip Off Cartons with Glazed printing.
  • New product launches every month. You suggest the product and we will launch it.

Product Video

Novosules Gold

Cimvus Fresh Plus



   My doctors are particular happy with Novus because of their persistent quality. That trust that has developed over the years allows me to do great business with them. Promotional support is very informative and also the sales support provided by them is sound. I have already planned my career ahead with Novus not only Kota but other parts of Rajasthan too- Arun Jain (Kota).

We have completed almost 4 years with Novus Life Sciences. In this period we have been most satisfied with their product availability and quality. They have a great product basket and keep updating themselves with the market scenario.  What works for us is that Novus is able to provide new products from time to time. Great educated staff and fast deliveries allow us to never fall short of stock. I feel I have taken a good decision joining Novus - Ajay Singh (Merut-UP).

The Novus team taught me Profit Calculations through excel sheets. I finally understood the profit calculation after accounting for all my marketing expenses. Since I knew my numbers so well, I could manipulate the schemes I give to doctors and Chemists and grow my business. - Mr Ovais: RAFIQ'S PHARMACUTICALS (Srinagar).

The promotional material and product video launches create such a good impression on doctors, that they compare us with all the standard marketing companies. My impression in front of all doctors in my area has been uplifted because of their presentation. - Amit: AMIT AGENCIES (Beed).

Other companies I work with deliver goods in 7-10 days. With Novus I receive my goods within 3 days. My Doctors are happy, so I am happy. I will keep working with Novus for life. - Mr Chiranjeevi: SYAM PHARMACY & SURGICALS- (East Godavari)

I quit distribution and concentrated only on marketing (my core strength) and thus saved lots of time and made a lot of money. Thanks to the strategy advice by Novus. - Mr Manikanta: MK PHARMA (Mysore)

I have never been pressurized for sale from the company. There is no Target System here. In my bad days also the owners of the company have supported me and helped me grow. Now I am out of my financial problems. All thanks to Novus. - Mr Arun: LAKSHMI MEDICAL AGENCIES (Mohali)


Over the years I have been prescribing many brand of Novus like Lycobeza Gold, Neotop-D, Novoplex Syrup and Cimvus Fresh Plus. I have found the quality to be consistent and never have I had an issue with any of their products.- Dr. S.K. Mahansaria (MD-Pathology) Bhagalpur, Bihar

I have been prescribing Novus products for the last 30 years. The product efficacy is very good and they are reasonably priced.- Dr. Ravi Agrawal (MS-Ophthalmology) Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Government Tender Work

  • Over 30 years of Continuous Central & State Government Tender Supplies.
  • Rate contracts with State & Central Governments for more than 50 products.
  • Supply to Semi-Government and Corporate Bodies

International Presence & Exports

  • Products registered in
    Latin America,East African Countries,West African Countries ,East European Countries